Saturday, February 7, 2009

Designers: My Style

Not a complete list. Using these famous designers is an easy way to explain my style, based on the designers' styles.

Karl Lagerfeld: Why wouldn't I love the head designer of Chanel? He's completely innovative, and a bit lavish with his spending, displays, and shows.. but you can't help but drool in awe of it.

Marc Jacobs: He's edgy, but classic. And me and my friend think he has a little bit of an industrial style. He has a nice urban flair, but always classy.

Isaac Mizrahi: He's just so cool. He seems so approachable. And I love the fact that he did a line for GO International for Target. His clothes are so cute but funky and the shoes he did for Target...AGH, to die for.

Oscar de la Renta: My friend has me hooked on him. She told me about his gowns that she was obsessed with. I looked him up and now I am hooked. He designed this beautiful silver/gray floor lenghth gown. I wish it were mine. Haha.

Christian Lacroix: His gowns are gorgeoussssss. They have this amazing vintage, couture vibe.

Betsey Johnson: I feel really valley-girl-ish for saying it. I've admired her for as long as I can remember. She just does what she wants and doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks. She can be really wild, and her mini dresses make me foam at the mouth.

Diane Von Furstenberg: Let me start by saying that her last name is a pain in the booty to type out. Secondly, I was watching a fashion show from about 2 years ago of her spring line. Oh, lordy. I know her wrap dresses are the "shiz" or whatever but this was a floor-length white gown with huge aqua, green, and red flowers. Or atleast I think that's how it looked. Ahaha. It was just breath-taking.

The New Guy:

Jason Wu: I actually did love the gown he designed for Michelle Obama for the Inaguration balls.
Some critics complained about the little rosie-thingies all over it. I didn't care. She looked amazing.

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