Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plaid Party

I just bought this adorablee dress for $5 at Rue21, I was amazed. I paired it with yellow pointy pumps, and chains.



I was eating a cherry AirHead. :]

Ephereal Wizardry

I recieved my monthly TeenVogue the other day and I loved the photo shoot they did with Emma Watson! I have a big thing for full skirts, and I was obsessed with the skirts they had her wearing.




Friday, June 26, 2009


  • Bahh, I love my shirt. :] It's pink leopard print.

  • Pink Leopard top-Rue21, Light Wash Skinnies-Body Central, Pink Converse, random jewelry, and leather pouch and sunglasses-Mom's closet

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Lovin!!!

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Sway With Me.

Ok, I'm proud because I wasn't lazy today. I got my butt up and took some pictures of my finds.
  • Silk teal top, high waisted skinny black dress pants, Chanel pearls and, chains


  • Ann Taylor skirt[worn as shirt] black belt, regular wash skinny jeans, and pointy-toed booties


Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Lame.

Haha, I paraded around all day in fabulousssss outfits, lol. And I didn't post ANYTHING. Hmm, perhaps tomorrow? I must retire to my chores, and then..on to bed. Oh, yeahhhhh! I'm obsessed with fashionhedonism.blogspot.com !!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today, I hit the jackpot while shopping! I visited this thrift store me and my grannie love, and yes I shop at the thrift store. A true fashionista can find something amazing at any store. :D I got an amazing brocade jacket, a tealish colored blazer, a silky blue top, and a gorgeous skirt with an interesting pattern, and a Prada bag!!! It was amazing, they also had some Chanel stuff, but I decided not to feed into my guilty pleasure A.K.A. Chanel. But, I paid $9.56 for everything. And then I went to Rue21 and got some killer red patent leather Mary-Jane pumps, for $5. It was a delightful day for shopping. Well, either later on today or on Monday I will be posting some pictures of my new stuff.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy June 19th! Haha, nothing really special happening today. I'm going to go get my hair done , though. Just a little fluffing of the fro. ;] But, I tried on some outfits. I made some sweet shorts yesterday, my signature: paint splatter. They were originally capris, I hemmed them and splattered acrylic paint all over them, I have a navy skirt I did the same thing to. I paired them with a regular white button down, and oxford booties by Isaac Mizrahi for Target.


And then I wore my favorite jacket, which is actually my mom's. A 90s mustard colored shoulder-padded blazer, some light wash skinnies, PunkRose zebra sneakers, and some chains, and pendants.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Summer.

So, I've been quite bored. So yesterday I took some pictures with some cute outfits. :] And these killer yellow Mary-Jane type pumps. I also got a little crazy with editing one of them. Te he.

  • Cream ruffle blouse from Rue21, a black printed skirt from Forever21, pearls, and yellow Mary-Jane pumps.

  • White V-neck tee, Apple dress converted into high-waisted skirt from Urban Behavior, chains, yellow Mary-Jane pumps.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ehh, I'm Bored.

So, I've been stalking people's blogs all day, because my summer is a tad bit boring at the moment. Tomorrow, I plan on breaking out the sewing materials. :] I'm really excited to start a new project, I haven't done a new project in a WHILE. I just want something "new" to wear, and my mom's 90s mustard shoulder-padded blazer is calling my name. What shall I wear with it? I don't know, just yet.

Summer is Here.

Well, It's been here for awhile. And, I have yet to discuss Trends of Summer 2009, that I probably won't follow, :/. I thought I should talk about what I've been wearing this summer, what have you been wearing?
  • Yesterday I wore a blue boy's V-neck shirt that I bought from Rue21 for $5, some high-wasited skinny jeans, brown strappy wedges, a red belt, silver chain necklaces, a Shamu necklace from SeaWorld :], and a red flower.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh, Boy!

I haven't posted in FOREVER! Haha, school had me blocked from doing... just about everything! So now it's summer and I can discuss summer trends, what I wore all spring. :] Yay!