Monday, February 9, 2009

It Was A Cute Day ! :]

Hellooo. I have exciting news! So I mentioned in the first ever issue of Delish Kicks how I've never had a pair of gladiator sandals or "Jesus shoes." Haha. So yesterday I was just browsing shops with my mom and sister, and we decided to go into Payless. There on the bottom row of the 6 1/2 section, lay a black leather pair for $9 ! I was like "HOLY CRAP, thank you Jesus!" Hahaha. I was soooo excited. Of course, I bought them! They are the cutest things ever. Instead of wrapping like flip-flops, there is a strip of leather that goes around the toe and wraps around the ankle. Flyyy ! So I had to come up with this cute "indie-rock" outfit to go with them. :]

This isn't the exact outfit, but it's pretty close. The brands are different, but the shapes and colors are about right. :D

Butterfly Chic
Butterfly Chic - by ChiOrchid on

  • Cream flowy long-sleeved top
  • Brown embroidered belt around mid-section
  • Dark wash skinny jeans
  • Black sandals w/ brown bottoms
  • Black butterfly earrings
  • Colorful butterfly clips
  • mark. Magic eyeshadow
  • Extra Super Lash
The only bad part of this outfit was my Jesus shoes! They turned out to be the most painful shoes ever.. :P

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