Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today, I hit the jackpot while shopping! I visited this thrift store me and my grannie love, and yes I shop at the thrift store. A true fashionista can find something amazing at any store. :D I got an amazing brocade jacket, a tealish colored blazer, a silky blue top, and a gorgeous skirt with an interesting pattern, and a Prada bag!!! It was amazing, they also had some Chanel stuff, but I decided not to feed into my guilty pleasure A.K.A. Chanel. But, I paid $9.56 for everything. And then I went to Rue21 and got some killer red patent leather Mary-Jane pumps, for $5. It was a delightful day for shopping. Well, either later on today or on Monday I will be posting some pictures of my new stuff.

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