Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring: Top Items

So, basically everybody is freaking out about spring and what to wear. So I've decided to give you all a list of some top items for Spring, that you probably already have in your closet!
  • blazer- fitted, or oversized looks great over floral dresses, or flowy tops
  • boyfriend/peg-legged jeans- elongate legs, and give jeans an almost vintage look
  • maxi dress- boho, gorgeous, very easy to look put together w/ some large jewelry
  • jumpsuit/romper- look great w/ heels and easy to look put together
  • wide legged jeans- very boho, and look nice with any type of top
  • billowing/flowy tops- extremely versatile piece, especially in neutral color
  • floral-printed skirt- perfect item for spring
  • simple colored sundress- can be worn with anything!
  • long/ light fabric vest- gives a flat look some dimension
  • shift dress- funky patterns on these dresses can personalized
  • bright toned tees- allow for creativity with bold accesories
  • high-waisted anything-gives hour-glass shape and adds put-togetherness


  • wedges- come in tons of colors and styles, perfect for the beach or park
  • chunky heels- very comfortable, great colors, easy to walk in
  • strappy shoes- perfect to show off newly manicured Spring toesies, add edge
  • adorned gladiators- fresh new look to "old" trend


  • vintage pins- spice up a plain blazer or sundress
  • scarves in different textures/patterns/colors- liven up any outfit
  • big flowers/feathers- change look of outfit
  • necklaces w/ large beads or adornments
  • mid section belts or skinny belts- give waist
  • layered bracelets- simple way to change look

Something New&Different

  • metallic mini skirt- pops against a simple floral print
  • harem pants- comfortable, but fashionable
  • shoulder cutouts- sexy and chic if done right
  • jewelry vest- conversation starter

Prints Textures & Pieces To Look For

  • b&w graphic
  • mexican/ fiesta
  • ombre
  • colorblock
  • vintage patterns
  • zippers
  • geometric shapes
  • liberty prints
  • coral
  • bright yellow
  • gray
  • nautical themes

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